Sri Pada – The Sacred Mountain

Sri Pada – The Sacred Mountain

Sri Pada is a   sacred mountain situated in the Sabaragamuwa province. There are 122 kilometres from Colombo. The height of the mountain is 7362 feet, At the top of the mountain is a slab of rock with a large indentation believed to be the Buddha’s footprint. The lord Buddha left during his legendary third visit to the island.

Sri Pada – The Sacred Mountain

The chief significance of Sri pada is that is held sacred by people who belong to all the four major religions. Hindus believe the footprint is of the god Siva and they called it Sivan Adi Pad ham.  Christians believe it to be the footprint of Christ’s disciple Thomas, while the Islamic devotees believe that it is the footprint of Adam. So, the mountain is called Adam’s Peak.

There is a climbing season for this mountain. It is between December and May every year. It is said that this sacred mountain is protected by the god Saman. That is why it is called ‘Samanala Kanda. A thousand devotees climb this mountain during the climbing period. They usually go as a group. The group leader is called ‘Nade Gura’. People have to wear warm clothes as it is called the top of the mountain. People take seven or six hours to go to the top. They meet resting area for their way, Indikatupana Heramitipana, Seetha gangula ,  Mahagiridambe and ect… Most people wear white clothes. When they climb to the top.  On their way, they met a small river called Seetha gangula and people take a bath from Seeteha gangula. It means the clean person must go to this sacred place. There is two main way to climb this rock.

The ancient historical book of the Mahavamsa says that the lord Buddha set his footprint on the summit of Sri Pada on his third visit to Sri Lanka.

Sri Pada Mountain Map


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