The Embekke Devalaya Kandy - An icon of Sri Lankan Wood Carvings

The Embekka Dewalaya

Embekka Devalaya has located in Udunuwara central province in Kandy District. It is near to the Peradeniya town. The Embekka dewalaya

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c. It is famous for its wooden structure and beautiful intricate wooden carvings. It has built by king 3rd Wickramabahu in Gampola period and It dedicated for the sacred god Kataragama. (Kataragama devio)

The carvings of Embekkha.

The Embekka dewalaya is famous for carvings in wood. The carvings are in two places of this devalaya. They are vahalkada and Dikgeya. There are 10 wooden pillars in Vahalkada and 32 wooden pillars in Dikgeya. 

In the wooden pillars of this Devalaya are carved different patterns of flowers, figures of animals and humans. Many carvings are done in wood during the Kandyan period.   Among the Arts that were developed between the Kandyan period and carvings take a special place.  It is said that the carvings have been done by the artist of Delamada Mulachari.

It has used Gammalu, jak and Na wood. There are more than 128 wood carvings of windows in this place.  The wooden Gammalu tree has used to pillars of Devalaya. There are 32 carved pillars in here. According to the ancient book of Embekka Warnanawa this devil has built in the period of Gampola. Its art structure is similar to the Vijaya nagara art Tradition of India.

Madol kurupawa

Madol kurupawa is a wonderful architectural work in the Embekka is in Dikgeya. The roof of the devalaya is excellent. It has used 26 rafters are supported by a single wooden pin. Madol kueupawa is the special event of the architect in the Gampola period. Embekka devalaya is the best example of wooden carvings in ancient Sri Lankan architects.

Notable Wooden carvings of Embekka

  • Dabble headed eagles  
  • Rope desinence
  • Breastfeeding image
  • A soldier fighting on horseback
  • 64 lotus designs
  • 30 decorative patterns and roof designs
  • Women
  • Birds
  •  The Embekka Dewalaya Map


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