Kudumbigala - The Forest Hermitage in Sri Lanka

Kudumbigala  - The Forest Hermitage in Sri Lanka


Kudumbigala Forest hermitage is located in the Ampara District, Sri Lanka. It is near Panama village. There are eleven miles from Panama. Kudumbigala located seventeen miles away from Kumana village. 

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 Kudumbigala  - The Forest Hermitage in Sri Lanka

History Of Kudumbigala

Kudumbigala is a sacred Buddhist hermitage. The monastic Bhikkhus who meditate in the natural rock caves in the forest. Kudumbigala has a long history. It was going Anuradhapura era.

Kudumbigala  - The Forest Hermitage in Sri Lanka
It is said that Kudumbigala was first established as a refugee for meditative Bhikkhus in Anuradhapura time from king Devanampiyathissa in 246 BC. Archeologist had recovered over 200 rock caves belonging to this monastery.

Rock Caves in Kudumbigala

Kudumbigala monastery has been established on and around the Kudumbigala rock. The rock is 119 m. height. There are more than 100 rock caves around the Kudumbigala rock. The main cave is Sudharshana lena.

Kudumbigala  - The Forest Hermitage in Sri Lanka
 It was built and presented to the Bhikkhus by Nandimitra Yodaya (giant). He was one of the giants of king Dutugemunu. There is an inscription in Brahmi script on the rock of Susharshana cave. It is said that Kudumbigala was established as a forest hermitage in the pre-Christian ear.


The inscriptions in the cave known as Shudhaeshana lena is important.  Scholars have published about 18 cave and rock inscriptions found from Kudumbigala area. The script is early Brahmi in the Shudaharshana cave. It is said that the Maha Sudarshana cave of the chief mitta, son of chief Nadika, is given to the sangha. Paranawithana said ` Mitta who is mentioned in this inscription could be Nandimitra. He was one of the ten warriors of king dutugemunu. They called Dasa Maha Yodayo.

Ven. Thambugala Anandasiri Thero

When we talk about Kudumbigala forest hermitage , we must talk about Ven. Thambugala Anandasiri Thero. In recent times Kudumbigala forest hermitage was re discovered by Ven. Thambugala Anandasiri Thero. He had a good help from a Upasaka named Maithree. That time was 1954 year.

When they came to Kudumbigala it had been a dangerous place for people. The place was frequented by wild animals. But Ven. Thambugala Anandasiri Thero never harassed. He made that place his home and initiated its rehabilitation. Ven. Thambugala Anandasiri Thero and Upasaka lived in this place in 1994. After LTTE attack they moved to another place near Kudumbigala.

Darkness time of Kudumbigala

In 1994 was darkness enveloped to Kudumbigala. The LTTE terrorist had hacked to death seventeen civilians in Panama area. The government failed to protect the place. So, some of meditative Bhikkhus moved to Tharulengala hermitage. It is a branch of Kudumbigala that lies hulan Nuge.   In 2009, the LTTE terrorist wear defeated after a bitter war. It was raged foe 30 years. The Kudumbigala and all the surrounding area is accessible to civilians now.

Attract of treasure hunters.

 Treasure hunters keep looking for abandoned temples. As a result, all the stupas in Kudumbigala had been destroyed in search of treasure. There were many attacked for this area. The smugglers are destroying precious jungles for timber and wild animals are being hunted by poachers

Kudumbigala  - The Forest Hermitage in Sri Lanka

 Today, the Kudumbigala forest hermitage is a popular Buddhist hermitage in Sri Lanka. The Large number of devotees offer Dane or alms to meditative bhikkhus. The bhikkhus dwell in the natural caves. 


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