Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya Kandy - Sri Lanka

Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya

This special temple is located in the village of Pathadumbara Amunugama in the Kandyan Kingdom.  This is the best place to see paintings from the Kandy area.

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Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya Kandy

Degaldoruwa Viharaya Building and History

 It is an 18th-century temple built under the patronage of the Nanayakkara kings who came to power in the upcountry. There is an interesting story about the name of this double door. There were two stones together and somewhere else. A man went to the cave here and took the gold scythes for farming. He always did this. One day he took two gold coins.Angered by this, Bhairava of the cave ordered him to bring one and keep it, after which he had brought it and then the stone door closed. The temple was built where the stone door was closed and later it was renamed Degaldoruwa Legend has it that.

Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya Kandy

King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe 1747-1782 was the pioneer in the construction of this temple. This period was a period of Sasana revival.  Although this king started the construction of the DegalDoruwa temple, it could not be completed as he was old.  His brother King Rajadhirajasinghe has the honour of completing this saying in 1798.  All the work of this temple was completed and it was offered to the King Morathota Dhamma Rakkitha Thero who taught crafts from his childhood.  The king was impressed by the monks and bestowed the title of Rajaguru on them. 

Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya - Art

Paintings and their significance

Its value as a cave temple is due to the unique paintings of the Kandyan period.  The Kandyan painting tradition is a folk art tradition.  Devendra Mulachari is one of the four leading painters of this temple.  He also contributed to the construction of the wedding hall in the city.  

Paintings and their significance

This painting was most popular during the reigns of kirthi sri - 1747-1782, rajadhi rajashinha / from 1782-1798, Shri vikrama rajasinha from 1798-to 1815.  The other artists here are Dewaragampola Silvath Thana, Hariyala Naide and Neelagama Patabedi.  Some of the basic features of the Kandyan painting.  There is a way of continuing in the drawing.That is to say, when painting Jataka stories, the painting is drawn continuously without separation.  ex-Wessanthara Jataka.  Trees and streams have been used as a tactic to separate the moments in a story.  It is a special feature that when creating murals, it is not applied in such a way that the viewer is turned away.  Special rustic colours have been used to paint the paintings.  Red, green, white, and black were common.  Spiders or shellfish have also been used to make white, while lanterns have been used to make black.

Statue house and cave

Part of this cave is separated from the Shelama devot

Degaldoruwa Temple sandakadapahana
Degaldoruwa Temple sandakadapahana

The entrance to the Buddha's house is a moon lamp similar to the Natha Devalaya only.  Nelu Buddha's face is serene with a single black stone in the Buddha's house.  There are paintings on the stone roof plaster today. Its Buddha Charita news, Suvisi commentary, Buddha Reva in Bo Mada, Wasavathu Judea, and Mihikatha Desidima paintings have been left out.  Silumina Seya is a painting depicting a group of gods in the Buddha's house.

Donation of white elephant Art - Degaldoruwa

Color combination in paintings

paintings Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya

There are 3 gods associated with the entrance here. Vishnu, Saman, is called the god of the field. The god who took that to the place of the god of the field.  There is a devalaya named Mohule not far from the temple.  Yava is a group of offerings made to the Buddha.  Satsathiya, Maragana dance, shown here.  Dasabimbarak There is two gunmen among the killers.  The paintings here are black for devil night, brown for slave night and yellow for the human night.

Jataka story paintings depicting the temple

Among the Jataka stories depicted in this temple are the Wessanthara Jataka, the Sattubhakta Jataka, the Sutasoma Jataka and the Maha Seelava Jataka.

paintings Degaldoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya

The most important of these paintings is the Great War.  This is depicted in front of the sleeping statue.  The speciality here is that the mara has five faces.  Among the weapons in hand was a finely drawn gun.  This gun can reveal important information about the Sinhala society.  The woman who witnessed the Buddha defeating Mara is beautifully portrayed in the painting.  In addition to the paintings, which are beautifully finished in two caves, the sleeping and sitting statues depict the artistic features of the Kandyan period.  Degaldoruwa temple can be considered as a place where the sri glory of Kandy is well displayed.


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