Dambulla – A Cave Temple Sri Lanka

 Dambulla – A cave temple in Sri Lanka

There are a lot of cave temples in Sri Lanka. Dambulla is one of them. It is situated near Dambulla town. The rock of Dambulla is 1188 feet high from sea level.  There are 72 kilometres from Kandy town. Dambulla temple is famous as ‘Rangiri Dambulla Vihara’. It is believed that king wattagamini Abaya has built this cave temple. 

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He has been lives in this area because of the battle of enemies in the 1st century BC. The king was settled by ascetic monks who lived in these caves. After he was taking the power of Sri Lanka he comes back and built this cave temple. In the 12th century, King Nissanka Malla has enlarged this cave built another five temples. According to an inscription of Dambulla king Nissanka Malla has been painted buddha statues from gold.

Dambulla – A cave temple in Sri Lanka

The cave temple is situated as a line on the top of the rock. There are more than 100 statues of the Buddha within the temple. There is a stupa also one of these cave temples. Dambulla is famous for a mural on the wall of caves. There are various wall paintings about Buddha’s life in that caves.

Devaraja Lena

Dambulla – A cave temple in Sri Lanka
Devaraja lena vas built by king Valagamba. There is a large Buddha statue about passing away of Lord Buddha and seven buddha statue in this cave. There is a Brahmi inscription over the entrance to the first cave.

 Maharaja Lena

This is the most beautiful cave in the Dambulla temple. There are 60 Buddha statues and wall paintings in this cave. There is the statue of the king Valagamba and king Nissankamalla also in the cave. Because the cave named maharaja Lena. There is a small stupa surrounding 11 Buddha statues in the cave. The statue of god Saman and Vishnu also in here.

Dambulla – A cave temple in Sri Lanka

Maha Aluth Viharaya

Maha Aluth viharaya was built by king Keerthi Sri Rajasingha was the ruler of the Kandyan period. It is 90 feet long and 81 feet wide cave.

57 Buddha statues are situated in the cave. Its’ wall paintings in the typical Kandy style during the reign of King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe. The statue of King Keerthi Sri Rajasingha wearing royal clothes is in the cave.

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