The Great Scientists who made discoveries that took the world in a different direction

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Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday - The Great Inventor Of the Dynamo

Michael Faraday was an English man, born on 5th March 1791 in London He was a British chemist and physicist. His father was a poor blacksmith. Because they had an economic problem living in a city. Michael Faraday had to leave school due to a lack of money to buy proper clothes and shoes.  He had to get his early education in a public school. But he had to stop poverty.

After leaving school, Michael worked as an errand boy in a book shop, when he was 12 years old boy. He wakeup early morning and walked the pavement in London for selling newspapers. It was his first duty to earn money. Then he went to the bookshop. The owner of the book shop noticed that admirable good quality, Michael. So, he thought to give him a new job in the shop. It was a great path for Michael. He spent his free time reading books. It developed his knowledge.  He could identify wise men that come to the book shop.

One day Michael Faraday got a chance to listen to a lecture by sir. Humphrey Davy. Dave was the great inventor of that time. Having listened to the lecture Michael Faraday sent a comment and a few diagrams about the lecture. Dave examined it and was highly impressed. Immediately he invited Michael to his home.  After then Dave offered a post to Michael as a laboratory assistant in his research institute. It was an important job for Michael because Michael was a lover of chemistry. In that period Michael made a lot of inventions for that field. Stainless steel, optical glasses, benzene were and liquid chlorine were among them. As a chemist Michael discovered benzene.

Michael Faraday always examines past production about the chemistry field. He followed a European scientist that produces electricity that could produce a magnetic effect. Working on that line Michael Faraday invented the magnetic electric machine. It could produce electricity. In 1831, Michel discovered electromagnetic induction, the principle behind the electric transformer and generator.  Later he developed a Dynamo. It was a great invention of Michael. Now it is an essential and important part of the machinery. Michael Faraday worked many years in the research institute of Dave. Sir Humphry Dave was very proud of his assistant and nominated his research institute for Michael.  When that period Michael earns a lot of money. But he is not a money-minded person. He donated a large portion of it for the welfare of the poor. Michael served as a professor in a few renowned universities.

This great mankind inventor passed away on the 24th April 1867 peacefully.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell - Were it Not for Him, We Would Not Be Able to Talk on the Phone Today

Alexander Graham Bell was born on the 3rd March 1847 at Edinburg in Scotland. His father was a renowned philanthrope and a humanitarian. His grandfather was also a great scholar. Alexander Graham Bell received his early tutoring from his grandfather, father and their close friends who wear teachers.

After basic education, Alexander Graham Bell studied in a high school in Edinburgh. After then he attended the University of London. Bell received his first degree from   Wurzburg University  Germany. Later Bell family moved to Canada. Then Bell was appointed a professor in the faculty of special education for the handicapped at the university of Boston.

Alexander Graham Bell had a good friend named Watson. One day Bell and Watson were conducting some experiments in their laboratory. It was the first way to come out the telephone. Bell had a problem in his mind always. Could the human voice be sent to distant places? He thought every time and searched for an answer to this question.

On that day Bell was in one room there and Watson in another room. Watson was in 20 yards away. Bell called to Watson by his instrument Watson.

“Mr Watson please do come here I want you”

 After this message,  Watson soon appeared at his side and said that massage was heard clearly via his receiver. It was the world first telephone message.  Sometime later bell could develop his gadget with more facilities. He could send another message from

Boston city to Cambridge, another town from few miles away, successfully. That year was 1876. In that period Bell started a telephone company. He could do it in 1877. The cities and towns in the U.S.A. were interconnected with the telephone during that period. After the U.S.A. set up telephone connections with all the other continents in the two decades that followed. The famous American Institute for the education of the deaf was founded by Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell became one of the richest men in the U.S.A. He gave away large sums of money for charity. He did not keep the riches only for him. Bell spent his last days in a small town in Nova Scotia in Canada. He passed away on 2nd August 1922.

Galileo Galilee

Galileo Galilei is so famous, Simply a few important things you need to know about him

Galileo Galilee was born in 1565 in the town of Pisa in Italy. Pisa is close to Florence city. His father was a musician and a mathematician.  Father taught this subject to Galileo in his spare time.

Galileo Galilee 

Galileo Galilee had his primary education at a hermitage in Florence. He studied medicine and mathematics at the University of Pisa. He could become a lecture in the same university. Little by little Galileo Galilee gained recognition and he was appointed the professor of Mathematics at the University of Pisa. He started a centre to teach science at the University of Padna.

Galileo Galilee experimented in Mathematics and disproved the prevalent belief. That two items of different weights when dropped to the earth at the same time reach the earth at two times. He challenges the statement to be wrong. Galileo Galilee took two iron balls. One of 100 pounds and the other of one pound. He confirmed it by climbing onto the tower of Pisa and dropping that iron ball of different weights. It reached the earth at the same time.

The telescope is the most important of his creations. He observed many heavenly bodies through it. With this primitive instrument, he discovered Jupiter and studied several planets and stars in our Galaxy.

Galileo Galilee proved for the first time that the sun is the centre of the solar system. He said the earth revolves around the sun. According to Galileo Galilee, there are hills and craters on the sun. There are halos around Saturn and Jupiter has to satellite.

Galileo Galilee explained to his students the value of experiments in understanding a subject. Therefore he was named as the father of the science of experiments’. Galileo Galilee went blind five years before his death. In the year 1642, he breathed his last.

Marie curie

Marie curie, the world first woman win the Noble prize

Marie curie was born on 7th November in 1867, Warsaw, Congress Kingdom of Poland. She is a woman scientist who discovered radium. Her maiden name was Marie Sklodovska and after her marriage to Pierre Curie, she was known as Marie curie.  Marie Curie was the first woman to win Nobel Prize and win the award in two different fields.

Marie Curie’s father was a reputed school teacher in Poland. He had four children and was interested in education. Marie’s elder sister was Bronistawa. She was studying in Paris. Marie has followed her elder sister and went to her higher education in Paris.

 She passed her High school examination at the age of sixteen and won a gold medal in studies. From childhood, Marie was remarkable for her prodigious memory. After her secondary education, she wanted to study science at the university. But being a woman, she could not gain admission. So, Marie went to Paris for her higher studies. She could get a first-class degree on Bs c at Sakhan University.  She was the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris in the year 1906.

 After passing the examination she was introduced to Pierre Curie by her friend. They fell in love and each other and got married. Pierre Curie was a French Physicist. They had two children named Irene Juliet -Curie and Eve Curie

Marie Curie started her career as a co- helper to prof. becquerel in 1911. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry. She was the sole winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize for chemistry.  She was awarded a Nobel prize for discovering radioactivity in 1935.

This great woman who dedicated her life to science died of cancer in France. That cause was constant exposure to radioactive substances such as radium. When she has died, she was 66 aged.

Guglielmo Marconi

The person gave a never communication system to the world

Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian person. He was born on the 25th April 1874 in Bologna in Italy. His father was a wealthy land lower and his mother was a member of Ireland’s Jameson family of distillers. Marconi was the second son of Giuseppe Marconi. Marconi had a brother. His name was Alfonse. He had a stepbrother named Luigi.

Education was boring to him in school. Marconi did not attend school as a child. But he learned chemistry, mathematics and physics at home. He was very interested in outdoor activities such as swimming and hunting. Marconi was educated by private tutors hired by his parents and at the Livorno Technical Institute and the University of Bologna. Though he neglected his school studies he devoted his spare time to conducting all kinds of experiments with chemicals. It is reported that he often did so till the early hours. Marconi noted an important mentor was professor Vincenzo Rosa, a high school physics teacher in Livorno. Marconi could take a good knowledge about the basics of physical phenomena as well as new theories on electricity.

Marconi had a good brother that helps him every time in his scientific per suits. When Marconi entered a higher science academy his genius flowered. His experiment took a new turn. The experiments became more advanced.
In the year 1907 Marconi transmitted a message across the Atlantic Ocean. All the world looked at him with respect and admiration. Having asked that news Italian Government invited him to come back to the motherland. Marconi returned to Italy and he was given a grand welcome by his elated countryman.

One day as a result of his one experiment, he could send a message from one place to another, without wires. He joined his brother to do that work clearly. On that day the brother had a receiver in his hand and pointed about a hundred yards away from the place of Marconi sat. When Marconi clicked the transmitter that rested on his table, the brother got that signal. Both of them enjoyed being able to send a message. It was a large jump in the world. But his motherland did not give any recognition to his achievement. Then Marconi left England, He was well come by the British Government and provided him with facilities to improve the system.

Marconi received the Nobel Prize for his invention in 1909. Italian government conferred a host of honours on him. He is credited as the inventor of radio transmission.

Marconi gave a new communication system to the world. It was used in several fields such as naval affairs, administration and commerce. It was very imported to naval affairs. Genoa harbour became the centre to send messages to ships that said far in the ocean. Ireland set up the world first radio station employing Marconi’s wireless system successfully. This great inventor passed away on the 20th of July 1937.


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