Rankoth vehera – The Golden Pinnacle Stupa in Sri Lanka

Rankoth Vehera – The Golden Pinnacle Stupa in Sri Lanka

Rankoth vehera is located in the Polonnaruwa District. Polonnaruwa was the second ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka. The ruler king Nissankamalla was built this stupa in his ruling period.

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 Rankoth vehera

 Rankoth vehera is the fourth largest stupa in Sri Lanka. It is a bubble-shaped stupa like Ruwanweliseya stupa in Anuradhapura. The name Rankoth has come from because it's the golden pinnacle. Ran means gold and Koth means pinnacle. Vehera means stupa. According to the ancient chronicle Pujawaliya and Chulawamsa, king Nissankamalla has offed a gold pinnacle for the stupa. After then the stupa named Rankoth vehera.

 Brick is the only construction material of this stupa. There is a stone platform for this stupa. It is believed that the original stupa was 200 feet high. But now it is 108 feet high. And has a 550 approximately diameter. Eight petals lotus flowers can see on the square shape placed on the stupa.  It is a very special carving in the hathares kotuwa.

The stupa had been four gateways. Gateway means vahalkada. Now there is only one gateway to see and it is 22 feet high. Others are only ruins. Vahalkada has been decorated with beautiful artwork. There are carvings of human beans shaped gods on that gateway. There is a small image house and stone chair close to the stupa. It is believed that the chair was used by king Nissankamalla to watch build this stupa.  How can the Rankoth Vehera be the largest stupa in Polonnaruwa District.

Thuparamaya – The first stupa in Sri Lanka

Thuparama stupa is located in the Anuradhapura district. It is the ancient city of Sri Lanka. Thuparamaya is the first stupa built after introducing Buddhism to Sri Lanka. It was built by king Devanampiyathissa. An ancient time it was named ‘Thumburup vehera’ and this place was named’ Pramoja Wasthu’. Thuparama stupa is situated North side of the Ruwanweliseya stupa.

The shape of the stupa

The stupa was originally constructed with the shape of a heap of rice. It is called Danyakara. But the stupa was destroyed several times by the attacks of other countries. After some time it was rebuilt and the shape came like a bell. Now the stupa is 63 feet high. It is believed that collar bones of the Lord Buddha are enshrined within the stupa.

The dome

There was a dome over the stupa. The dome has built by king Wasabha. But now it does not appear. Now there are only octagonal pillars around the Thuparama stupa. It has made of stone and with decorations on the heads, There are four octagonal pillar lines around the stupa.  The stupa has built on the round stage. It is 12 feet high from the land.

The help of kings to this place

King Devanampiyathissa has built this stupa and king Laggithissa was built a stone wall around the stupa. The stupa was constructed many times. The king Upathissa I have offered a golden cover for the pinnacle of the stupa. The stupa has been a sacred place from ancient times. The stupa was destroyed many times attacked of the other countries such as Chola and Pandya. After then the king maha Parakramabahu has rebuilt this stupa. At that time the shape of the stupa came like a bell shape.

Ruins around the stupa

There are many remains of buildings of this stupa area. It is believed that there was a hospital, shrine room and sannipatha hall in this place. The well called ‘ Nagalu linda’ is on the north side of the stupa. That well may be used by the Buddhist monk for their water which stays in the Thuparama temple. Thuparamaya is one of eight sacred places of Anuradhapura. 

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya

Nissanka latha mandapaya is an ancient unique structer in Polonnaruwa District. Nissanka latha mandapaya was build by king Nissankamalla(1187-1196 A.D.) who ruled the kindom of Polonnaruwa. Nissanka latha mandapaya.

Nissanka latha mandapaya is located near the western enternce of the Dalada maluea, the area of most sacred places in  Polonnaruwa city.

The structure of Nissanka latha mandapaya.

Nissanka latha mandapaya a unique structure. This structure is an elevated stone platform with a number of stone columns. It is surrounded by a low stone wall. There are eight granite columns on this structure. It is approximately 8 feet 4 inches in height. This columns crown is covered in the shape of a blossoming bud. These columns are not straight. It is curved in three places. It gives a good attraction for this structure.

The centre of the structure

There is a small stupa at the centre of the platform. It was made of stone. But the top part of stupa has been destroyed along with time. The stupa is decorated with a carved design.

The stone railing

The platform of the Nissanka Latha mandapaya is surrounded by a stone railing. It is a similar part of Sanchi Stupa in India. There is a small door entrance to the structure.

Nissanka Latha mandapaya is used by king Nissanka malla to listen to spirit which is the chanting of Buddhist scriptures.

 The famous Architecture Senerath Paranawithana said that this is the best example of a feature of ancient Sri Lanka architecture.

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya Polonnaruwa Video

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya Map


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