The Most Endangered and Distinctive Flightless Birds in the World

The Most Endangered and Distinctive Flightless Birds in the World

Birds are beautiful animals with fantastic sounds. A lot of birds can fly in the sky, but some of them are can’t fly. They are called flightless birds.

The Most Endangered and Distinctive Flightless  Birds in the World
A lot of flightless birds are heavier than other birds.  Emperor penguins, Ostrich and Cassowary are some of them. Kiwi is the smallest bird of flightless.

Emperor penguin

The Emperor penguin is one of the most known flightless birds in the world. They live in Antarctica. Its body is large and has short legs. They have a distinctive waddling walk because of their heavy body. Their wings are black and their stomach is white. It has a black head and tail. The Emperor penguin’s measure high is 115 cm. They are very skilled swimmers. They can dive well.

Empero penguin

The female and male birds keep their eggs together. Male penguins are uncharged in keeping the eggs warm and safe. They do it very safely on their foot with balance. 


The cassowary is the second heaviest bird. It is native to the tropical forest of Papua New Guinea. It can see Indonesia and northeastern Australia.  The cassowary is capable of having deadly attacks on humans or any other animals. It has a dagger-like claw on the middle toe of each foot. That dagger can grow up to four inches in length.
This bird has a colourful helmet or casque. This is the third tallest bird in the world. The other tallest are emu and ostrich. The cassowary is labelled ‘the world most dangerous bird.


Cassowary feeds on fruits, shoots, and grass seeds. Its eggs are green in colour. The cassowary is a ground-nesting bird. The female bird lays 3-6 eggs at a time. It is five inches long and 650 grams in weight. The Cassowary
Lifespan captivity is up to 60 years.


Ostrich is a flightless bird. It has two species. The common Ostrich and small Ostrich. Ostrich is the fastest bird on the land. It can run at 70 km/h. Ostrich is notable for being the heaviest living bird. Ostrich is native in the Wild in Africa. It has three stomachs and typically eats plants, roots and seeds.


Ostrich is equipped with long muscular legs built for running. It has only two toes. Ostrich’s body is covered with feathers. Mail bird has black feathers and the female bird has grey feathers. Ostrich’s eyes are normally two inches in size. It grew up to nine feet tall and had 145 kilograms of weight.

Ostrich doesn’t need to drink water. They get their water from the plant that they eat. The Ostrich lay the largest eggs of any living land animal. The eggs weigh more than one kilogram. Its average weight is 1600 grams. The eggs are glossy cream coloured.


Kiwi is the national bird in New Zealand. It is a small bird like a chicken and brown in colour. There are five species of kiwi and all of them are flightless and nocturnal. Kiwi is a special bird. Normally other birds have their nostrils at the base. But the kiwi has it on the top of its bill. 


Female birds lay the biggest egg of the bird world relative to the size of the bird.  It is more than 500 grams weight. Kiwi has hidden wings. It has soft hair-like feathers. So, the birds can’t fly.

Inaccessible Island Rail

This bird is found only on Inaccessible Island. It is the smallest flightless bird in the world. Inaccessible Island Rail is about 17 cm in length and has an average weight of 30 grams.

Inaccessible Island Rail
This bird has a mixture of dark grey and dark rusty brown feathers. It has red eyes and a black beak. They feed on earthworms, moths, berries and seeds. Their nest on the ground is in the shelter of dense vegetation. The female bird lays 2 large eggs per time. Inaccessible Island Rail live on steep slopes and grasslands. They roam freely all over the island.

Fengian Steamer Ducks

Fengian steamer ducks are native to South America. It is the largest steamer duck in the world. When they run across the water, their short wings seem like the wheels on a steamboat. This duck has their name because of its behaviour. This bird belongs to the duck genus Tachyeres. Its scientific name is Tachyeres pteneres.

Fengian Steamer Ducks

The female duck has darker grey feathers and the male has bluish-grey feathers. They have a dark reddish-brown throat. Its bill is bright yellow and orange in colour.  The female bird laid 4-11 eggs per time. It is ivory coloured and its normal weight is around 167 grams.

Fengian steamer ducks are feed on small insects, snails, larvae and small crustaceans. This bird is very aggressive. They usually like to fight with each other over territory.


Takahe is a flightless bird in New Zealand. It is a rare bird. Its scientific name is Porphyria Hochstetler.  The bird has been extinct since the late 1800s but was suddenly discovered to be alive in 1948. This bird has a red-based pink bill. It is purplish-blue in colour. Its beak is large and strong.  The bird's backside is greenish and has an inner wing. It has short red legs.

Takahe can live up to 20 years. It feeds on grass, shoots and insects. As a bird, it has remarkable longevity. Takahe is the largest living member of the rail family.

Takahe is overall length overages 63 cm and weight is about 2-7kg. the female bird lays one to three eggs per time. They are pale-buff eggs. Male and female birds incubating these eggs take a turn.


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