Manalkadu - The Small Sand Desert in Sri Lanka

 Manalkadu- The Small Sand Desert in Sri Lanka

Manalkadu is a small village in the Jaffna district. It is situated in northern Sri Lanka. Manalkadu is near the point of Peduruthuduwa. When you are down the beach area about 5 kilometres from Peduruthuduwa, The Manalkadu village will appear. It is the only sand desert in Sri Lanka. there are 319 kilometres from Colombo, the country’s capital. Manalkadu in the local Tamil language means sand jungle.

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 Manalkadu- The Small Sand Desert in Sri Lanka

The beach of Manalkadu is not popular. So, it is not a crowded beach. When you are visiting this beach area you can see sand desert around the beach of Manalkadu. The beach is about 20 kilometres long. It is a golden sandy beach in Sri Lanka. When you are visiting this place, you can see the number of sand dunes. The dunes are up to 15 meters high in this area. There are small sandy mountains in this area also.

Manalkadu Ruins of The old St. Anthony’s church

This place had an archaeological value. Ruins of the old St. Anthony’s church can be seen in this place. Manalkadu church building dates back to the Dutch period of Sri Lanka. It may be 17 centuries. How can the ruins are covered by sand and change many times. The walls of the church are party built of coral stone. Because it is a rare site to visit in Sri Lanka.  

Manalkadu Ruins of The old St. Anthony’s church

There are about 400 families live in this village. Fisheries is the only live hood of them. Manalkadu had to face Tsunami in the year 2004 and relocated new houses. The villagers had to live with the LTTE war in Sri Lanka long Period.  Manalkadu has a different climate over the year. When you are travelling this sand area you may think this is not a place in Sri Lanka, It is abroad. Some film producers are like to produce their films in this sand area.

Manalkadu Beach Map 

Pigeon Island, The Beautiful Eye Catching Island in Sri Lanka

Pigeon Island

There are two marine national parks in Sri Lanka. Pigeon Island is one of them. Pigeon Island is situated one kilometre off the coast of Nilaweli.  Nilaweli is a coastal town in Eastern Province. 

How can the nearest town be Trincomalee. The Pigeon Island national park is situated within the dry zoon of Sri Lanka. The annual temperature is around 27.0 c. The national park contains some of the best remaining coral reefs of Sri Lanka. Pigeon Island was designated as a sanctuary in 1963. It was redesignated as a national park in 1003. This is the 17th National Park in Sri Lanka.

Coral Garden

Pigeon Island is famous because its coral garden in underwater landscape. The reef here is shallow. When you are diving to watching corals you can see hundreds of reefs, fish and turtles in this area. 

The coral reef is 200 meters long and 100 meters wide. There are over 100 species of exquisite corals. This underwater heaven is a valuable protection area.

Beach of Pigeon Island

The Beach area is a popular destination among visitors and locals alike. It is a widely extended sandy beach and blue clear shallow water. There is a boat service from Nilaweli to Pigeon Island. It takes 15 minutes to ride for Pigeon Island. Pigeon Island is used also as a scuba diving site. 

Pigeon Island Map

 Ella- Most Valuable Tourist Attraction Area In Sri Lanka

Ella town is situated in the hill country in Sri Lanka. It is situated at an elevation of 1041 meters above sea level. The weather is usually quite humid in the Ella area. In the morning you can see surrounding hills and Badulla’s green valleys. When sunrise in the morning It take views like heaven. This is the most valuable tourist attraction area. There are 200 kilometres from Colombo to Ella.

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Ella is a dreamland. There are so many beautiful places near Ella village. Ella is surrounded by rain forest, many waterfalls and endless green hills. You can see Rawana Ella also called Bambaragama falls near this area. It takes 6 kilometres down the spectacular road from Ella to Wellawaya.  On the way to Rawana Ella, You will meet a famous cave called Balangoda cave that had a discovery of fossils of Homosapiens.  

Ella Rock

Ella rock is a famous place located high above Ella’s village. The rock offers stunning views across the hill country. Ella rock is 8 kilometres in height and length. But it is very easy to climb with the advice of a leader. It takes 4 hours to climb and return to the start place. Ella is a great hiking destination.

Leaches Attack in Ella

Ella is a rain town because you can see a high population of leeches. Most of the time you have to face their attack. They are waiting for hot-blooded people. But they are not dangerous. If you can bring shop, lime or siddalepa ayurvedic barm it will help you to attack the leaches.  When it hangs on your feet you can put some lime drops or Siddalepa bam on it. Then leach quickly leave you without drinking your blood.

Ella Railway Station

There is a beautiful railway station near Ella town. So it is easy to reach Ella. You can see Tea plantations surrounding this countryside in Ella rock.  Ella is a popular place that doesn’t miss your journey. 

Ella Town Location 


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