Lemon-How can It Helps to Recover Corona Vires

Lemon Plant

Lemon is a popular fruit that people use for flavour in food. Especially, lemon used in fruit juice. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C. There are a variety of lemon trees. It is an evergreen tree in the Rutaceous family. Lemon is native to South Asia. The fruit is yellow in colour. You can plant a lemon tree from its seeds. It is a useful plant in your home garden.

Help to Treat corona vires

If your test said you are positive for corona vires, it may your think bad. You try to get medicine for that while you are trying to get vitamins to help it. Lemon is full of vitamin C. so, it is very essential to recover these vires. In Sri, Lanka lemon uses in many ways.

As a steam medicine, people use lemon leaves. Firstly, put some lemon leaves into a pot of water and boil it within 10 minutes. After then you can steam that hot water. It helps to prevent some diseases in this corona pandemic. Especially, mild cold and you can breathe well.

People use lemon in many ways. Lemon juice is very famous these days. It is said that drinking lemon juice helps to put in your health well.

Lemon leaves help to decrease corona vires attack. You have to eat two lemon leaves in your mouth for 10 minutes two times a day. It helps you to take normal breathing.

How People Use Lemon

1. As a drink

2. dress salad 9 fruit and vegetable

3. When insects bite a piece of lemon rub on that place and recover

4. As a house medicine. (to prevent dehydration lemon must use mix with drinking water)  

5. As an Ayurveda Medicine.

6. take a bright look at the face. (lemon juice mix with honey and use it as a face mask.

7. Use to keep cutting fruits fresh look. (lemon juice mix with sugar and rub on fruit)

8. As an antibacterial property.

9 Asa elbow and knee lightener. (when your knee and elbow appear dark, half of the lemon can rub on that place daily. It gives you a result within 7 days. 

10. As a teeth whitener

11. as a skin brightener

12. As a steam medicine.

Health Benefits of Lemons

1.help to control weight

2.Support to heart health

3. Reduce cancer risk

4. Protect against anaemia

5. Control blood pressure

6. Help lower to stroke risk

7. Reduce skin damages

If you can drink a glass of lemon juice with hot water it helps you to lose weight. You must prepare it with hot water to make a good result.

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C. If you can use lemon with fruit or vegetable.  it helps you to reduce your heart problems. Especially it is good for heart disease and stroke. Lemon is also high in fibre. So, it helps you to control blood cholesterol levels.

We know kidney stones are small lumps. Lemon has citric acid and it may help prevent kidney stones. Lemon helps to increase urine volume and urine PH.

Your gut absorbs iron from your food such as fish, meat and leaves. This action can improve by consuming vitamin C and citric acid. So, lemon is the best one for it. Some villager’s women use lemon drops when they prepare leaves salad and vellum. It helps to prevent anemia.

How can the lemon is the essential fruit.   Try to plant a lemon plant in your garden. It is a valuable medicine tree to your home. 


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