How Can Your Budget Develop By Home Garden in Corona Pandemic?

Develop Home Garden in Corona Pandemic

Gardening is a pleasurable hobby among Sri Lankan children. They learn it from their parents in their childhood. A lot of people in Sri Lanka are farmers. 

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Develop Home Garden in Corona Pandemic-Sri Lankan Art
When they are doing their works in the garden or faddy field the children are helping them. At that time children learn to plant. Gardening can be fun because it gives a happy mind.

Gardening saving some household


If you have a limit area to grow some plant in your home garden, in these days try to plant vegetable or fruit. It is very easy to plant salad leaves like Spanish, cucumber, Kathuru Murunga, Gotukola and Mukunuwenna.  It saves your money for salad leaves.

Gardening develop friendship

If you can plant curry leaves and pandanus plants in your home garden it saves your money every day. You can share your products with your Niebuhr. It develops your friendship with others.

Gardening gives you an extra income

Some times you have a small garden. But a lot of people plant something in that small area. It is very easy to plant fashion fruit, long beans and winged beans. It takes short time to plant. In these days’ vegetable is very expensive. So, if you have an extra product it is very easy to sell them and earn money.

Gardening gives you a happy mind

Seen green colour is only to give a happy mind. If your home garden is full of some vegetables and fruits it seems like a paradise. 

A Children With Happy Mind

Some butterfly’s and birds come to your garden and they give you a lovely sound. When you see the plant full of fruits and flower your heart wishes you a healthy life. Every morning plant gives you new hope. When they are growing healthy you keep them as your children.

Home garden give you fresh fruit and vegetable

If you have a good home garden you don’t need refrigeration. Every day you can take fresh items from your garden. Please try to plant a small plant that you want every day. Now there are so many methods to the plantation. If you are an apartment or flat dweller you can still have a home garden in pots and cans on the balconies.

It gives you a beautiful home garden

Flowers make home beautiful. There are so many colours of flowers. If you can be made a beautiful house it is very using full flowers to you make the beauty of your home. It helps you to live in good health. You can live your own flowers and beautify your home.

Home garden helps children to learn agriculture subjects practically in the home.

If your home the garden is full of flowers, fruits, salad leaves and vegetables it is a school of agriculture. You can teach your children to water, pruning, weeding and fertilizing in the home garden. It is important to learn organic fertilizer. It gives you healthy food.  you can make your own fertilizer from garden sweeping, kitchen waste and similar materials. Children n learn it practically in the home with you.  They learn about insects and worms that attract the plant.

Home gardens protect a healthy life.

it gives you a chemical-free crop. It saves our life from some diseases. We can get good mental and physical relaxation by gardening. You will become a kind person normally. It is a good way to spend our leisure time. It is a job for your mother to work in the home

Every time you are safe.

If country lockdown for some period like these days in corona pandemic, you have the problem of by some vegetable and fruits. But if you have a good garden it helps you to protect your life. You don’t need to go out to buy things so, you are safe. the home garden develops your monthly income and your healthy life because trying to develop a home garden and be a happy mind person in the world. 

Tamil Folk Dance

Tamil folk dances are practised by Tamil people all over the world. They used this dance for their annual temple festivals. Sometimes, family auspicious functions Tamil people use this folk dance. Folk dance belongs to Desi dance.  They are appreciated by the elite as well as by the ordinary folk

There are variety of Tamil folk dances Kummi, Kol Attam,Oyil Kummi, Kaavadi, Bommal Attam, Mayil Attam, Puravi Attam, Nilal Attam, Karakam and Theru some of them.


It is very popular folk dance among all people. This dance is closely associated with the temple festival. In Sri Lanka, Kaavadi dance is very famous   in Kataragama Perahera and Tamil Kovil Festival. There are different types of Kaavadi and it has a permanent name.

  • Macha Kaavadi (fish Kaavadi)
  • Sarpa Kaavadi (Snake Kaavadi)
  • Unjal Kaavadi (Swing Kaavadi)
  • Pravai Kavadi (Bird Kavadi)
  • Pushpa Kaavadi (Flowers Kaavadi)
  • Pal Kaavadi (Milk kaavadi)

When people dance dressing like this Kaavadi system they used only a particular music called Kaavadi Sindu.It is said that in the 19th century Annamalai Reddiar compiled a series of songs on Lord Muruga. It has used Kalakhu malai temple in Tamil Nadu. Now these devotional songs are used for Kaavadi as background music.


Kummi is a popular folk-dance set with folk music. Kummi songs are sung by one female and others join in the chorus. The songs may be on relating to day to day life in villagers. This dance normally takes place at religious festivals. It is a group dance. When dancing they clapping of hands alternatively.

 Kol Attam

This folk dance is similar to Kummi. But developed on two different lines. When dance they used same size of stick with colour painted. This dance is performed in carnivals and Bharatha Natyam.

 Oyil Kummi

Oyil kummi is another form of Kummi. Normally this dance is doing male. The male dancers dance with a handkerchief in one hand and two lines. It used an equal number of dancers. This folk dance is not much popular among the present generation of Tamil.

 Paravi Attam

It is another famous folk dance is known as fake horse-riding dance. This dance is originated in Tamil Nadu and gained wide popularity. In Sri Lanka ‘Katina Pinkham’ in the Buddhist temple used these dancers for their perahra ceremony. There is a group for this dance all over the country.

Dancers made a horse from paper and bamboo sticks. It is not heavy but like a horse. It is decorated with cloth and beads. Two men are up this horse and dance with a music band.  Men four legs are can be seen like horses’ legs.  This folk dance is widely used in Hindu Temple festivals.

 Theru Kootu

 It is a street dance popular among the rural folk. This dance is used in ancient times Tamil Population. This dance wanted a large body made from cloths, bamboo sticks and paper. The costumes used are big masks. Long shoulder kavas am and wearing long skirts. The chest is covered with beads. The dress is taking different types in different areas. How can these large dancers dance with background music or singers   Nattu kootu is a similar name for Theru Kootu.

 Bommali Attam

It is a famous folk dance Tamil Nadu in India.  This is a puppet show. Its theme is maybe Ramayana or Mahabharat.  The characters are made out of wood or cloth. Puppets are activated by strings


Mayil Attam

Mayil Attam is another popular folk dance. When this dance, the dancers dressed up like a pea-cocks.  It can visit in Kataragama Perahera in Sri Lanka. Sometimes dancers used fathers of pea-cocks for the costumes.


It is a popular folk dance among the Tamil people. In this dance women bearing pots on their heads and dance. This form of worship is adapted to the worship of Amman, Muruga and Iyanar.  The pots are full of water and margosa leaves. Sometimes the pots are filled with milk. The women are dressing a beautiful attraction saree in flowers decoration, bangles and other costumes.

Nilal Attam

It is a famous dance in Andhra and Kerala in India. Nilal Attam is a shadow dance that used a doll made out of leather. The doll placed against the light in such a manner as to let their shadows fall on the screen. This dance is could be only seen in the electronic media. 


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