History of Chocolate and Cocoa Tree

History of Chocolate and Cocoa Tree

Chocolate as food was first used in Mexico which was known as Mesoamerica in the past. Everyone loves to eat or drink chocolate in some form. Chocolate has a thousand of years going back history.

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 History of Chocolate and Cocoa Tree

Cocoa Tree

Theobroma cocoa is a tropical tree growing in South America and Amazon. In Sri Lanka, it is called a cocoa tree. It is an evergreen small tree for your home garden. Long ago people called this tree the food of God in Greek. It gives us cacao beans. There are so many seeds in the cocoa fruit. These seeds are called cocoa beans. Long ago people used cocoa as a medicinal drink. They used cocoa as a drink without sugar.

 History of Chocolate and Cocoa Tree
Ancient South American civilization Aztec prepared their chocolate drink with a mix of roasted ground cacao beans, chilly, water and cornmeal. Aztecs believed that their chocolate drink was a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl. Aztec people had used chocolate drinks before going to the battle. Aztecs named their cocoa drink ‘ Xochitl meaning bitter water.

It is believed that Christopher Columbus the discovery of America was first introduced cocoa to Spain. But the king and queen were uninterested in that. Another story said that the explorer Hernando Cortes travel to America and brought the chocolate drink to Spain in 1528. He had brought cocoa or cocoa seeds to Spain. Because of its bitter form, Spanish adds sugar and honey to the drink.

France known this powerful drink since 1615. It has a story. The France king Louis xiii married princess Anne of Austria. She was the daughter of King Phillip iii of Spain. Princes brought chocolate with her to the Royal court of France to celebrate her marriage.

Chocolate Powder

 After a short time, the British discovered chocolate, it had become a fashionable drink all over Europe by the 17th century.  In 1828 a Dutch chocolate maker made a fine cocoa powder. He was J. Van Houten. He roosted cocoa beans and making them into a powder. It is named Dutch cocoa. His product was top class quality cocoa powder. Using this powder people trying to produce many ways of food from chocolate. Especially, chocolate slabs and bars.

Chocolate Production

The first chocolate bar was made in 1847 by Joseph Fry. He took credit for it. England started a little chocolate company named Cadbury in 1868 and they produce chocolate boxes to market. As like that the Nestle’s company introduced milk chocolate to the market. Drink milk with chocolate is very famous among children.  Today chocolate is a famous food among children and old.

Today chocolate is used for fascinating food. There are chocolate decorated cakes, buns, chocolate chip cookies, cookies chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate bombs,charlie and the chocolate factory,breakable chocolate heart,Bombas de chocolate toffies and pudding also. Varieties of food are created with chocolate all over the world.

 History of Chocolate and Cocoa Tree

Health Benefits of Chocolate

  1.  Reduce heart disease risk.
  2.  improve brain functions.
  3.  Rich of nutrition’s
  4.  Improve blood flow and lower blood pressure
  5.  decrease oxidized LDL (bad0 cholesterol and increase HDL
  6.  Reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  7.  Help to improve your memory.
  8.  help to avoid sunburn.
  9.  Reduce your food cravings.
  10.  Give you a good vision.
  11.  reduce getting cancer problems.

Chocolate contains a large number of calories. It is high in fat and sugar content. How can chocolate be a famous food among children and adult.

especially 10 Health Benefits of Winged Beans

Winged Beans is a high protein crop and famous vegetable in Sri Lanka.  It is nutrition-rich food. All part of the plant is edible. Winged beans have so many names. Manila beans, dragon beans, princes bean, four-angled bean and Goa bean are some of them.

Winged bean is well growing in South and Southeast Asia. It is ready to harvest within 3 months of plants. Winged beans plant as a home garden vegetable in Sri Lanka. It is easy to grow and the plant has a long lifetime. If the plant dies end of the year it plants again with its yams.   

All parts of the plant contain vitamins A, C, and Calcium. It is rich in iron also. Winged bean pods are can eat raw. The beans can prepare with oil or coconut milk. The leaves can be prepared as a leaf vegetable. The leaves and flowers are high in protein.

Health Benefits of Winged beans.

  1. Renal protection
  2. control diabetics
  3. Immunomodulatory properties.
  4. Good for cancer
  5. cardioprotective properties
  6. protect your heart
  7. Reduces headache and migraine
  8. Help prevent vision problems
  9. Weight loss food
  10. prevent Asthma

There are verity colours and sizes of Winged beans. The green colour winged bean is a very famous one. 

How Sesame Seeds Help You to Healthy Living

Sesame seeds is a healthy food all over the world. It is rich in vitamin B, Protein, Fats, Fiber, calcium and minerals. The seeds are very tiny but it is rich in oil. It is said that sesame seeds supply 5 grams of protein per 3 table spoons. Sesame seeds has a 3000 years old history.

It is nature to sub- Saharan Africa. Sesame was cultivated in Egypt during the Ptolemaic period. Egypt has called it sesemt. They had used it as a medicinal drug. sesame plant known as Benne. It is an annual plant of the family Pedaliaceae.  

Sesame plant

Sesame plant is small and it grow on a pod in tropical and subtropical part of the world. Asia, Africa and South America people likes to cultivate these crops. There are two type of seeds. They are black sesame and white sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds have higher antioxidant activity than white sesame seeds. White seeded sesame is mainly grown in Hambanthota district in Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura, Ampara, Mannar and Putthalam are other district for famous sesame cultivation area.

Sesame plant

Sesame plant is small and green coloure. Sesame seeds are protected by a capsule. When the seeds are ripe that capsule bursts. Farmers collect that seeds capsule before it ripe. Then it became dry, the capsule open and could take seeds with hull. It is brown colour and without hull it is white colour.

Sesame seeds oil

Sesame is one of the oldest oil seed crops. Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. People used sesame seeds oil for cooking. Somebody likes to apply this oil on their body because it gives a healthy looks and fairness. Sesame seeds oil contains Vitamin E. that support to the immune system and allows cells to communicate with each other.

Sesame seeds oil

Japan is the world's targets sesame importers and China is the second. India also cultivates these crops. This seed is used as an Ayurveda medicine since a long ego. Now sesame is an industrial crop that prepares a variety of foods.

Eight Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

1. Rich in vitamin B

2. Support to your immune system.

3. Help to control blood sugar.

4. Lowe blood pressure.

5. help to build everything from muscles to hormones because that seeds have high protein.

6. Decrease high cholesterol and triglycerides.

7. Support to healthy of bones

8. soothe Arthritic knee pain.

Sesame Seeds Method of Preparation

Sesame Seeds Method of Preparation

1. sesame balls (with sugar and date)

2. With vegetable salad

3. Sesame with jiggery (known as Thala kerali)

4. for decoration sweets. (bun, biscuits and another bakery items)

5. for cooking item as an oil

6. prepare sweets foods with sesame seeds(Thala Aluwa)

7. as a toasted crop

Recipe of Sesame Sweet Balls

Sesame Sweet Balls - SL ART CAFE


1. one cup of sesame seed

2. 400 grams of sugar

3. ½ teaspoons of salt

4. one cup of water


1. Firstly take a pan and fry sesame seeds became gold colour

2. then take a saucepan and put water and add sugar with salt

3. biol this mixture till sugar became honey

4. Then add frying sesame seeds to it and mixture will thickness.

5. use a glow for your hand and make small sesame balls from them

6. now you have a sesame ball dish.

Sesame is a valuable food for your healthy life. Try to take one tea spoon of this seeds to your meal per a day. It protects your life long time without health problems. 


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