Healthy Food- Finger Millet/Ragi /kurakkan Recipes and Jackfruit

Healthy food- finger millet

Finger millet is a popular grain in Sri Lankan in past. It is a traditional grain called in the Sinhala language Kurakkan and in India it is Ragi. It is a hardy crop that is well adapted to the arid highland area in Africa and Asia. Now, this crop is larger grown in India. It grows well with an annual temperature range of 11 to 27 Celsius. It wanted to 5.0 to 8.2 of PH range. Finger millet is a crop that has great potential if promoted as a healthy food.

Finger millet is known as a variety of names in any other country. In India, it is known as Ragi and Sri Lanka it is Kurakkan. In Nepal, It is named Kodo.  Eleusine coracana is the scientific name for Finger Millet.

 Health benefits of finger millet

  1. Good for people who are overweight.
  2. help to keeping the blood sugar at a low level.  
  3. Finger millet is connected to a lower risk of heart disease.
  4. Helps to control the bad cholesterol without medication.
  5. Help keep your kidneys and heart functioning properly because the finger millet has potassium.
  6. It help you to allows your brain and muscles to work together smoothly.

 The nutrition side of finger millet

It is rich in Carbohydrates and niacin. Niacin is important to maintain the health of your blood, organs and skin. It plays an important role in more than 4000 enzyme reactions. Finger millet is also rich in Vitamin a and B. It is good for your eyes. Millet is also rich in protein and fibre.

Foods recipes with finger millet

Finger millet grain is made into porridge, Idle, Pittu, Rotti, Thalapa, string hoppers, and bread. Finger millet porridge is a famous drink among Sri Lankans. Finger millet flour is becoming popular as a bakery product. How can various types of porridge and alcoholic beverages are prepared from Finger millet seeds. 

 Finger millet / Ragi /kurakkan porridge


  • ·       02 cups of milk
  • ·       Sugar
  • ·       !/2 cup of rice
  • ·       ½ cup of Kurakkan flour
  • ·       Salt
  • ·       Cashew nuts

Method of preparing

  • ·       Firstly, take a saucepan and put it into water
  • ·       Then add Kurakkan flour and mix well.
  • ·       Next add sugar and salt.
  • ·       Boil this mixture in a medium flame.
  • ·       Then add milk and rice
  • ·       Stir continuously keeping the flame on medium.
  • ·       After 5 minutes the mixture will thickness.
  • ·       Further add cashew nuts and mix with low flame.
  • ·       So now you can see a Finger millet porridge. This is enough for five members.  

 Finger millet/  kurakkan/ ragi Rotti


  • ·       Finger millet flour
  • ·       Coconut
  • ·       Few curry leaves
  • ·       Chilly (finely chopped)
  • ·       Onion
  • ·       Saltwater or milk

 Method of preparing

  • ·       Firstly, take finger millet flour and put into a medium-size bowl.
  • ·       Then add coconut, curry leaves, chilly and onions.
  • ·       Mix it with water or milk till it is smooth and soft dough.
  • ·       Add water if required to make a soft dough.
  • ·       Take a banana leaf (cut it size like a plate)
  • ·       Then take a ball sized dough and tap gently to a thin and thickness.
  •        place this Rotti on the banana leaf and then put it on a pan with medium flame.
  • ·       Cook on both sides adding 1 tsp of oil to it. When it turns golden brown colour it is ready to eat.

Nutrition food - jackfruit

Jackfruit is a commonly consumed food in Sri Lanka. It used as a substitute for rice. In Sri Lanka, it is known as’ Bath Gasa’. Jackfruit is a tropical climate fruit. It is known to be the largest edible fruit in Asia.

 It is a giant tree growing in Asia Africa and some regions in South America. It is native to south India and part of the moraceous plant family.  There is various kind of jak tree. Some trees bear very large fruits, while some other trees bear small fruits. The weight of individual fruits may vary between 3 and 25 kilograms. The length of the fruit range is 22 to 90 centimetres and the diameter 13-50 centimetres.   Jack fruit colour is yellow and the seeds are light brown.  How can the fruits be prepared into the various tasty method.

Jackfruit has a spiky outer skin and is green or yellow in colour. Jackfruit is rich of nutrition such as carbohydrates, vitamins minerals, proteins calories and phytochemicals. There are more than 60 fruits in a jackfruit. Like that there are also 60 seeds in the fruit.  

Food items of jackfruit

When the jackfruit is small it is called ‘Polos’. After boiling with coconut milk it is said ‘polos Zambia. It is tasty and nutritious

food for growing healthy. Some people made gruel from ‘Polos’. It helps to grow energy in people suffering from Dengue fever. After cutting a small slice of this polos fruit people made polos melanoma with coconut. It is a very famous food among Sri Lankans.  

When the jackfruit became large it called ‘Kos’. The flesh of the jackfruit is consumed as curries and boils forms. The curry is called ‘Kiri Kos’.

When jackfruit is becoming ripe it is called Vela or Varaka. That ripen stage can be eaten directly as a fruit. Jack fruit developed different food products such as jam, jellies, marmalades and ice cream.

 Jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit seeds are used after boiling or roasting. Seed’s flour is used to baking some foods and cooked with other vegetables. Jack seeds can protect a long time after boiling and dry. Some people dig a hole in the floor with covering area and seeds put into the hole with sand. After then closed the hole. It is also a protection way to use future day.There are so many benefits of seeds.It is high in protein, It helps to build muscles,Loaded with iron,Make your skin glow,Boost vision,Fight wrinkles and promote hair growth.

Jackfruit leaves

Jackfruit leaves are used to feed cattle, pigs and goats. The leaves and fruit wastes of the jack tree are used as fodder for cow and goats. Jack leaves has a medicinal property. Sometimes it used in traditional medical treatment.

Health benefits of jackfruit

It prevents cancer,Help with blood sugar management,Prevents anaemia,Lower high blood pressure,Control asthma,Maintain healthy thyroid,Strengthens bones and ect..

Jack timber

Jack timber is very valuable in Sri Lanka. It takes to made housing materials and roof of the house. The jak tree is considered so precious that the government has banned felling it without a valid permit. 

   A special project launched for the first time in Sri Lanka to plant a jack tree in history. Mr Arthur V, Dias promoted this project. At that time jack tree were cultivate every was in Sri Lanka. Arthur V.  Dias named as’ Kosmama’ because of this project. Jack fruit is a sustainable food resource.


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