Rumassala Beach and Fresh Water Area in Sri Lanka

Rumassala Beach in Sri Lanka 

Rumassala south beach is situated along with the masala hill in Unawatuna. It is known as a jungle beach and fishing place.The beach can be identified easily because of the hill and the temple of the hill. This is a tourist attraction place in the Unawatuna area. Rumassala is a small beach and it is famous for Rumassala hill.  
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Rumassala Beach, Sri Lanka

Rumassala is known as Buenavista. It means Beautiful land. This place is located next to Unawatuna which is famous for coral reefs and beautiful beaches in the southern area. 

Rumassala- The Historical and Legendary Background. 

The famous story of Rumassala is related to Ramayana Which is a mythical encounter between Rama and Rawana. According to Ramayana, Laxshman was Rama’s brother. He was injured in a battle and needed to bring some herbals from Himalaya mountain in India. The monkey god Hanuman went to the Himalayas to bring that herbal, but he couldn’t remember the name of the herbal. So, he broke a part of the mountain. After taken the herbals, hangman fallen this part of the hill to this place. Now it is known as Rumassala. 
Rumassala Beach Sri Lanka
Researchers have found 150 different species of herbs on Rumassala. There is a small temple on top of the Rumassala hill. There are many paths to reach that temple. This temple is gifted by a Japanese monk in 2005. 

Rumassala Jungle Beach area

Rumassala sanctuary is adjusted to the jungle beach. It is small but isolated. This place is a good location for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is not rough and just the right size.
Rumassala Beach Sri Lanka
As a Fresh Water Place 
Gall harbor was developed due to Rumassala as ships come to fill fresh water. It has a long history with the silk route. When ships come to Galle harbor, they had come to the southern end of Rumassala to stock up this freshwater.
Rumassala Beach Sri Lanka

Rumassala Map 

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