The Four Great and Marvels Artists in the World

Michel Angelo

Michel Angelo was born in 1475 in the village of Casal Caprese in Florence. Michel Angelo ranks first among the artist of the renaissance. He was a clever artist, a sculpture, and an architect.

His sculpture’s human figures give natural look. He was also famous as a clever architect and a poet. His father was a civil officer in Italy and a wealthy person. His mother died when he was a child. So had live with another family. In that family, the father was a stone carpenter.  Having his character activities Angelo grew up. When he was seven years old, he could sculpture ahead of a person. Having seen it father thought to give education for him especially about Art. Michel Angelo’s first art teacher was Garlandao.

Sculptures of Michel Angelo

Michel Angelo used porcelain for his sculptures such as David, Pieta, Moses, Dying slave, rebelling slave and Madonna of Bruges. The sculpture of David at the Academy in Florence is regarded as a masterpiece. His artistic skill is displayed well in the sculpture done at St. Peter’s church in Rome, Pieta, showing Jesus Christ and the Verging Mary and Moses.

Sculpture of David

The Sculpture of David as done by Michael Angelo in 1501-1505 BC. It is 18 feet high sculpture made of white porcelain. Michael Angelo could show the art of the human body from this sculpture.

Paintings of Michael Angelo

Michel Angelo was famous as a natural painter. Among his beautiful paintings the best is done on the celling of the Sistine chapel in the Vatican place in Rome. Michael Angelo’s grate art works can see in the Sistine church in Rome. That paintings were took 4 years to finished. The paintings are very talented. There is a natural beauty of human body.

The last judgment is the largest painting in the world. It was taking the first place among his paintings. He targeted the human body when he was doing art work. But the painting of women’s figures is same to the men’s figures.

There are many paintings of Angelo, on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Another important painting is named ‘creation of Adam’.

Michael Angelo’s famous paintings

  •  The creation of Eva
  •  The Last judgment
  •  Doni Tonodo Diam
  •  Creation of Adam
  •  The creation of Adam

Michael Angelo lived 89 years and died in 1567. He spent his all life to Art, because his name is remembering forever.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter. He was born on 25th October in Malaga, Spain. He was one of the most popular artists of the 20th century. His father, Jose Ruiz Blasco was an art teacher. Pablo’s first art teacher was his father.  Jose Ruiz Blasco supported his family by teaching drawing at the local art school

Pablo Picasso was famous as a Spanish painter, sculpture, printmaker, ceramicist and theatre. He was the inventor of Cubism with Georges Braque. There are four periods of his artwork.

1. Blue period (1903-1905)

 2. Rose period (1905-1906)

  3. Negro period (from 1906)

     4. Cubism period (after 1907)

Pablo created more than 20000 paintings, drawings and sculptures in his living period. Picasso is also created by inventing constructed sculptures and co-inventing the collage art style. Pablo had a child named Paloma Picasso, Paulo Picasso, Maya Widmaier Picasso and more.

Picasso’s famous paintings


This painting is 135x725 cm in size and its title based on the first world war. It displayed the town of Guernica that had bomb attacked. It is a college system painting on a canvas. It has used oil paint also. Guernica was the first painting of the collage technique. This is one of the best-known artwork. Picasso painted Guernica in his home in Paris Its response to the 26th April 1937. It has been done on a flat canvas. This painting brings worldwide attention to the Spanish civil war. So, it was soon becoming famous.   Now, this painting is in the museum of New York.  

Les demoiselles d’ Avignon

This is an oil painting on a canvas and the first paint of the cubism period. It shows the influence of African art on Picasso. When Picasso was 25 years, he did this paint. It opened a new method of art tradition. If we talk about the paint there are five naked ladies in this picture. The dress of this woman was Egyptian or southern Asian style. Pablo has used rose blue, ash and brown colour for this painting. This painting is widely considered to be seminal in the early development of both cubism and modern art. Now, this paint is in the museum of modern art in New York City.

The weeping woman

The weeping the woman is an oil painting on a canvas created in France in 1937. The painting depicts Dora Maar, Picasso’s mistress and muse. The focusing on the image was women crying. It is 60cm x 49cm in size and used blue and black mixed colours for women’s hair. The image depicts unspeakable sorrow and pain. Picasso created the weeping women during the Spanish civil war. Now, this painting is in Tate Modern in London. 

Pablo Picasso Video

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April, in Florence Italy in the year 1452. His father Ser Piero was a Florentine notary and Landlord. His mother was Caterina.  He was a talented Artist.  He was active as a painter, engineer, scientist, sculpture, architect, draughtsman and theorist. His knowledge of science was not second to his knowledge of art.

He studied painting under the famous artist Andrea del Verrocchio. Leonardo da Vinci experiments with oil paint. He experimented with new methods and systems to bring out the natural look in his painting.

Later he started an art gallery and became popular as a distinguished artist. He is famous because of his art of ‘Monalisa’ and   ‘The last supper painting. The last supper is rated as one of his greatest paintings throughout the world by all lovers and cities of art.

Leonardo da Vinci Video

Paintings of Leonardo

  1. The last supper
  2. Monalisa 
  3. Treatise on painting
  4. Leda, The virgin of the rock
  5. Portrait of Ginevra de BenceSt Jerome
  6. The Benoni’s Madonna

As an engineer

He was a clever engineer, who illustrated with drawings, the scientific creations. There are aeroplanes, armed fighting vehicles such as a tanker, etc.

It concentrated solar power and added a machine and the double hull. He forwarded the idea of town planning of castle and tunnel underwater. He was a clever architect too. He experimented on astronomy and botany and studied the science of anatomy.

Leonardo da Vinci spent his last three years in France since his death.  He died on 2nd May 1519 in Amboise, France.

Raphael Santi

Raphael was born on April 6th in 1483, in Urbino in Italy. He was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance. His father Giovanni Santi is also a famous painter. He thought young Raphael basic painting techniques and exposed him to the principles of humanistic philosophy. But Raphael was 11 years old his father died. Raphael studied art at 17 years old. Perugino was his art teacher.

When Raphael was 18 years old, he attended university. Raphael was famous as a photographer. Marriage of the Virgin is his first painting in the university.

 Raphael’s famous paintings

  1. The school of Athens
  2. The Sistine Madonna
  3. The transfiguration
  4. Madonna and child
  5. The miraculous brightness of fishes

 The school of Athens

The school of Athens is painted between the year 1509-1511 as a fresco in Raphael Room. There are famous wise men in that paint. This painting was displaying all the greatest mathematicians, philosophers and scientists. Aristotle, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates and the teacher of king Alexander in this painting. Pythagoras was writing something inside and the teacher of king Alexander was sitting on the staircase. This painting was 500 cm x 770 cm in size paint. Now, this painting can see Stanza Della signature Vatican in Rome.

 The Sistine Madonna

The Sistine Madonna is one of the famous artwork of Raphael.  It was an oil painting on a canvas. Raphael painted it in the 1513- 1514 year. The Sistine Madonna painting displays Madonna, Mary and Christ child.

 There were so many paintings about Madonna. This one is famous among people.  This painting was commissioned in 1512 by Pope Julius ii for the church of San Sisto. It was 265 cm x 196 cm size painting. At the foot of the paint, there were two angels.

The Sistine Madonna was known as the Madonna di sain Sisto. There were so many figures on Madonna and child among Raphael’s paintings. It displays a variety of angels. Everyone looked like mother’s love.

The transfiguration

 The transfiguration was the last painting by Raphael. He worked on it until his death in 1520. This painting was tempera on wood. It is 410cm x 279 cm in size and now it is in Vatican City. The painting represents a prefiguration of the last judgment and of the final defeat of the Devil. It included the period of the High renaissance.

 This world-famous artist died in Rome in 1520 at the age of 37. Suffering fever for eight days he has died when he was working on his last painting of the transfiguration. He had died on his birthday of 37. He was buried at the Pantheon in Rome.

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