Water falls in sri Lanka

Water Falls in Sri Lanka

10 Water falls in sri Lanka | SL ART CAFE

Sri Lanka is home to more than 100 waterfalls and rivers which at the end to the Indian Ocean.  The waterfalls are part of the country’s national wealth and heritage. Waterfalls in sri Lanka are mostly located in Hill country. The ancient rules harnessed these water resources to irrigate the agricultural lands. Even in modern times the waterfalls supply water to irrigate our faddy field and other foods. There are strange legends linked to the names of the waterfalls. One such waterfalls in Diyaluma mean skein of water.

Bambarakanda WaterFall

Bambarakanda WaterFall | SL ART CAFE©

Bambarakanda waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is situated in Kalupahana in Badulla District.The falls lies in the Badulla district among a evergreen forest in the kalupahana area. This water fall is 5 kilometers away from the A4 highway. It’s 265 meters height and rank as the 299 the height water falls in the world.  Bambarakanda fall is not a wide water fall. It drops as a thin line from a rocky outcrops.The water fall was formed by Haoutale mountain and Kuda Oya which   is a branch of the Walawe River.

Bambarakanda Waterfall Map 

Diyaluma  Waterfall

Diyaluma water fall is second highest water fall in Sri Lanka.  Diyaluma waterfall is 220 meters heigh and formed by Punagala Oya. It is a tributary of Kiridi Oya.  Diyaluma waterfall Is situated 6 kilometers away from Koslanda in Badulla District. It is located around the Kosland Wellawaya road, where the Ponangala Oya is situated.

Diyaluma WaterFall | SL ART CAFE©

Diyaluma  Waterfall Map

Dunhida waterfalls

Dunhida WaterFall | SL ART CAFE©

Dunhida water fall is the most beautiful water fall in Sri Lanka, created by the river called Badulu Oya which  goes to the Badulla town.

Dunhida water fall located about 5 kilometers from Badulla town. The water fall gets it’s name from the smoky dew drops spray. It is surrounded the area at the foot of the water fall. The water fall is 64 meters high.  The water falls also known as bridal fall as the shape of the water falling is similar to a bridal vail.

Dunhida waterfall Map

Rawana falls

The Rawana fall is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka. It situated in Ella area and 25 meters heigh. It has a popular sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka. During the dry season, this water falls dries up but during the rains flows at full force. The rainy season it gives a good attraction to visitors.

Rawana falls| SL ART CAFE

If you are traveling by train, this water fall is visible from the Ella railway station and between the Ella and kittul Ella station. It is said that King Rawana’s wife seetha has hidden by this area.
Rawanafalls Map


Bakers Falls

Bakers Falls | SL ART CAFE©

Bakers water fall is situated Horton  plains national park  in Sri Lanka. It is tributary of the Belihul Oya  The height of the Bakers fall is  20 meters. The water fall named after Sir Samuel baker who was a famous explorer. 

 Bakers Falls Map

St Clair’s Falls

St Clair’s falls | SL ART CAFE©

St Clair’s falls is situated 3 kilometers west of the town of Thalawakeke in Nuwaraeliya district. The water falls commonly known as the “ Little Nayagara of Sri Lanka “.It is also one of the widest water fall in Sri Lanka.  St Clair’s falls is one of six waterfalls affected by the upper Kotmale hydropower project.

St Clair’s falls Map 

Olu Ella Falls

Olu Ella falls is the 6th tallest water fall in Sri lanka. It is situated in Kegalle district. The source of the water fall is Wee Oya  and Welihel Oya in the parusella area. It put in to the Kelani river at yatiyanthota .

Olu Ella fall | SL ART CAFE©

Olu Ella falls is highest waterfall in connected to the Kelani River. It is 127 meters high and 18 meters wide. The water fall is bisected by the road which goes to Seepoth. An ancient wooden bridge lies across the wee Oya. It has been made during the colonial era. It has used to transport tea leaves. It is said that the oldest wooden bridge in use in the country today.  We can take a good view of Olu Ella on this bridge.

 Olu Ella fall Map

Bomburu Ella waterfalls

Bomburu Ella Sri Lanka | SL ART CAFE©

Bomburu Ella water falls is in Uwa  Paranagama provincial division of Badulla district. It is not at closed to main road. It situated between the border of Nuwaraeliya and Badulla district. You have to go on foot to visit this  this water fall.it is a very beautiful water fall in Sri Lanka.The water fall formed by Gregary lake at Nuwaraeliya and water  put in to Uma Oya. After then via Badulu Oya these water move to the Randnigala and Victoria valleys. Bomuruella water falls is very danger water fall in rainy season. People can close to the water way that the low amount of water comes to the water fall.

 Bomburu Ella Map

Duwili ella water falls

Duwili ella water falls is in balangoda area.There are 27 kilometers from balangoda town to this fall. It situated in village Kalthota.It is a very beautiful water falls in Sri Lanka.

Duwili ella water falls Sri Lanka | SL ART CAFE©

Duwili Ella waterfall Map

Lover's leaf waterfalls

Lowers leaf falls SriLanka | SL ART CAFE ©

Lovers leaf waterfalls is in Nuwara Eliya district. It is incipient of the streams and brook of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain, the Pidurutalagala.The fall is said to derive its name from the tragic tail of the prince who while hunting in the jungle lost his way.the waterfall is 30 meters high and leaf fall in Nuwara Eliya.

Lovers leaf water falls Map

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